Linguistica (articles on languages)

This blog is a humble attempt to build bridges between cultures and languages through sharing my discoveries on languages while hoping to spark “bouncy” thoughts. Curiosity drives me to write today to share my love of words with other curious minds.

1st thought: French has two words langues and langage, when English only has one, languages. In French we differentiate between the different languages such as Turkish or Swahili, the langues, and the concept of language as a mean of communication, the langage.

Here are a few ressources on languages I discovered:

Finally here are a few very inspiring books:

  • Every Word Is a Bird We Teach to Sing, Daniel Tammet
  • Les langages de l’humanité, Michel Malherbe
  • Les mots qui nous manquent, Yolande Zauberman et Paulina Mikol Spiechowicz
  • The city of words, Alberto Manguel
  • Foreign words, Vassilis Alexakis
  • Le petit livre des couleurs, Michel Pastoureau (the books about a dedicated colour are translated in English)
  • Biting the Wax Tadpole: Confessions of a Language Fanatic, Elizabeth Little
  • Thinking in Numbers: How Maths Illuminates Our Lives, Daniel Tammet
  • L’aventure des mots français venus d’ailleurs, Henriette Walter

And a few books I have yet to read:

  • Eloge de la traduction, Barbara Cassin
  • You are what you speak, Robert Lane Greene
  • In the land of invented languages, Arika Okrent
  • Le français est à nous !, Maria Candea et Laélia Véron