Here to buy a collage

If you wish to purchase an original piece, either send me an email at or fill in the form below 🙂 For your information, A5 formats are around 40€, A4 formats around 60€ and A3 formats around 100€. Prices for the extra large formats are only on demand.

If you wish to purchase a reproduction of one of the collages, it is possible and it costs less. However I might need to resize the collage to A6, A5, A4, etc formats.
– For a postcard, it will cost 3€, and if you take 10 to send to relatives, it will cost you 30€.
– For an A4 or A3 or A2 print on nice paper, it will start at 10€.

In any case, buy or no buy, I am very pleased to see that you liked my artwork enough for you to land on this page!

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