Side Projects

Linguistica (articles on languages)
This blog is a humble attempt to build bridges between cultures and languages through sharing my discoveries on languages while hoping to spark “bouncy” thoughts. Curiosity drives me to write today to share my love...
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Analog Ctrl V (collages)
I have been creating collages for 15 years. They are made out of paper, with no digital enhancements, an analog Ctrl V made with scissors and glue. Portfolio Click here to buy a collage Short...
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A few thoughts on the cultural industry, the media and the entertainement industry and its current (r)evolutions. I started writting these blog posts while studying at UBC, Vancouver, Canada. I wrote my master thesis on...
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Here to get in touch
One email address to: get the newest posts, ask for the prices for collages,send article ideas,or just say hi!
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A unique website to gather all the projects I do on the side of my professional activities: I write and I create collages. Words and pictures. (They say a picture can be worth 1000 words, but I like both.)

The missing words

In the cinema dialect, we often talk about the “missing picture” to give credit to an artistic project aiming at showing on big screens minorities until then invisible or not visible enough. A lot of books thrive on bookstores’ shelves to unveal words that we would be missing. I tend …

Neither yes nor no

I used to think all languages had opted for a similar way to accept or decline, to confirm or deny. 2 little words, short to be as efficient as possible. yes – nooui – non sí – noja – neinда / da – нет / niet The first language to …